So. Another Sunday night update. I guess I never made it three days in a row…:)

This evening you slept soundly in your mother's arms whilst we both watched a rather sad film. You stirred a little. It was a busy day for you. Your aunt's birthday. We celebrated briefly in a rather cold and snow filled back garden. Before heading indoors where I promptly had a nap!

Your cousin and uncle were both poorly. You didn't notice. Five months and all :)

Words are difficult to come by this evening. No, it is not the drink. Just an almost overwhelming sense of failure. Almost being the key word.

I still believe.

All my love,

Dad xx


Two days! Two days in a row I have typed for you.

Impressive stuff eh? I should start reading those get up at 5am articles. I might make it three in a row :)

A song has just come on via YouTube. Do you know what that is? YouTube…


I feel as though I only get to type to you on a Sunday evening. Of course, looking back at recent posts, this is not the case. But. It feels that way.

I have difficulty at times compartmentalising my mind. Work, play, life. They all merge into one day…


Today has been a tough day. Limited funds in the company bank accounts mean I have had to be choosy on which suppliers to pay. A large VAT bill awaits next week so I have been trying to conserve as much cash to pay for that. …


Today it is cold. Really cold. My feet are soaked after wadding through a snowy muddy slush to reach the generator that currently powers the Catterick warehouse. They sit atop the electric radiator trying to warm up as I type. Steam rises briefly from them.

I suspect you and…


Sunday evenings. The time of the week a lot of people dread. I do not. I spent most of the evening with you and your mother. You slept on the sofa whilst your mother and I perched at the other end watching the film ‘42'.

Now, at 10:05pm, I…

Todays Business Idea:

The world’s first bookmaker, so the story goes, was a man called Harry Ogden. One afternoon in the early 1790s, when organised thoroughbred racing was already almost a century old, Ogden went to Newmarket races and did something no one in the business of taking bets had ever done before. He chalked up odds about every runner on the card. In doing so, he immediately became the only proper bookie on the planet.

He was not the only one for long. Until then the standard offer for punters had been a binary choice between the favourite and “the field”. The simple but effective technique that allowed Ogden to price up every runner was so wildly popular with the punters — and profitable for the layers — that before long, everyone else in the betting business was doing it the same way.

Source: The Guardian

Location: Catterick, UK

Listening to: M83 -Un Nouveau Soleil

Reading: Thank you for being late — Thomas Friedman

I feel like I am a bit lost today.

My phone beeps constantly. A death from Covid-19. A cousin of an uncle that it transpires from the WhatsApp group, nobody really knew.

Location: York, UK

Listening to: Take me home -Jess Glynne

Reading: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy -John le Carré

I drifted off to sleep thinking about them. Teachers. More specifically a former teacher of mine, Mr Hughes. English.

More words certainly went through my mind as I fell out of consciousness…

Location: York, UK

Listening to: 2002 -Anne-Marie

Reading: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy -John le Carré

Snow lies on the ground. It has done for a couple of days now. The few cars with owners brave/foolish enough are struggling to grip the main street.

We walked with the baby across to the farm and attempted in vain to create a snowman. Unfortunately it wasn’t the right snow…Too frozen. Only in England :)

Sales online have been fairly frozen too. Lots of traffic. The product of a new partnership with Webgains. But limited transactions so far. These will come, I am sure. I hope. It is after all the wrong time of year. Garden products are a difficult sell when a spade cannot penetrate the earth.

Sometimes you just have to be patient.

Will Barnby

An English man living in Paris. Maybe Cape Town next.

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